Consulting Services

Pulse offer training in strategy, finance, accounting, shareholder value, business improvement and turnaround. We also do facilitation: assisting in running workshops for senior managers.


Pulse Consultants has helped major clients find their way through difficult competitive environments to achieve superior returns.

Either on assignment to complete the task, or in conjunction with your senior managers and Board, we analyse the industry, your competitive position and that of the other players in your industry.

We then devise the sophisticated strategies that can be implemented to win in a tough world.

We have an impressive record of reaching the right strategy to develop or even turnaround businesses.


Pulse Consultants has expertise in financial management. One of our principals, Dr Graham Godbee has been a practicing financial manager and has lectured in numerous management programs on finance. He is a Fellow of the Centre for Money, Banking and Finance at Macquarie University.

We have the expertise to advise on your financial management and develop actions and strategies for the finance function and the Board.

Business Improvement

All of our consultants have cut their teeth in real businesses or organisations where they had to turn around problem business units.

This expertise has been developed in our consulting where a number of clients have improved their returns to the points where the owners have received significant profit improvements.

We have even turned around businesses where the financiers were close to foreclosing.

It takes effort and skill and hard work. We bring these ingredients to work with you.