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Three of our analytic tools are essential for most businesses to understand and should be in the toolkit of top flight business consultants.

These tools are:

1. Du Pont Analysis framework - used for business improvement

2. Sustainable growth rate - how fast your business can safely grow

3. Break-even analysis - simple but effective tool to screen business decisions

These tools are explained in more detail in the PDF on Three Analytic Tools. They are also treated in our free ebook: Manage for All Seasons
(see below for download).

In addition to these analytic tools, we offer you a spreadsheet and exercise to help give guidance in what your business may be worth and what would be the effect on the valuation as you adjust the drivers of business value: profitability; growth; and risk. We have business owners comment on how astounded they were that this spreadsheet and exercise gave them the same valuation as valuations commissioned from financial consultants at great expense.

Whether you should buy or lease equipment is one of the most difficult financial calculations in business. You not only need to account for the differences in borrowing costs versus leasing costs but also the tax impacts of depreciation deductibility. This is further complicated by recent changes to immediate write-offs for small businesses on low value equipment. Not surprisingly, leasing companies often present a view that shows leasing is best for you. This spreadsheet will give you a balanced calculation.

For those of you with a particular financial interest, there are spreadsheets that calculate the present value of money and the present value of an annuity (an annual stream of payments). While Excel can calculate these results in sub-routines such as =NPV, these tables give you a real appreciation of how fast future money “depreciates” or loses value.

Finally, if the outlook for your business is looking somewhat grey or even bleaker,  there are things you can do. The sooner you act the better! We have two real life case studies on business turn-arounds. A quick business turn around takes skill and expertise and we can offer such resources to you.

Please enjoy and use these tools with our compliments. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us.
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